March 7, 2010

Finally, it’s Sunday. I am just waiting for my friends to show up. I hope they come, though. At the moment, I am busy trying to write a blog, check my email, watch TV and finish the downloads that I am doing. I’ll probably not be online anymore later.

Last night was the Coronation Night of the BB Pilipinas 2010 Pageant. I did not watch it, but from the comments I heard from my mom, I don’t think I missed much. As usual, the hosts did a poor job, the pageant was not as good as it used to be a few years ago. It’s sad because this was supposed to be the contest that will search for the most beautiful Filipinas to represent the country. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the class anymore.


  1. Same here in Malaysia.
    That is Life I guess.


    • yup, i know… i would really like watching beauty contests where everything, from clothes to accessories, are really classy and expensive-looking… 🙂

  2. sad…not seeing the class, not a good thing…hope you have fun with your friends today. taking T and the boys to a baseball game after church. taking a picnic lnch along, should be fun.

    • wow!!! hope you’ve had fun yesterday… 🙂

  3. you are always on my mind whenever it come to sharing awards, I’ve got an award for you , get it in my blog.

  4. Isha,
    I understand life is taking you new places. It sounds like congrats are in order. I wrote this haiku for you during this time of change:

    Remember the past
    Dive into this new season
    Life change causes growth

    From what I’ve read of you, you will take the good memories and smile, the lessons learned from the past and apply them to the new situation and blossom where you are planted.

    I wish you peace and success in this new season in your life.



    • I am truly touched by your words and your haiku, stephen… 🙂 thank you very much… 🙂

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