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Review: Heidi and the Kaiser

February 2, 2014

Heidi and the Kaiser
Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I know this review is probably four years too late, but I just read this book earlier today, and I find myself compelled to say something.

I’ve read my share of D/s books, so I’m not new to this kind of story. All in all, I’d say it was an “okay” read. It did not really hit something in me, but I’d say there was still some things which were likable in the story.

Let’s start with the good parts.

1. Heidi is really talented and knew her shit.
2. She had good taste when it came to friends.
3. She knows which battles to fight.
4. It was a happy ending.

The bad parts outnumber the good parts, unfortunately.

1. The characters were not extensively built. You only have Kaiser who likes disciplining his secretaries in a sexual way, but why was he like that? What started it? Is he a dom? Or is he just a bored businessman who likes to treat women as playthings?
2. It just comes out of nowhere that Heidi is now in love with Kaiser. I mean, who the hell falls in love with a man after having great sex? Sure, lots of women might think they are in love, but really, is that all it takes? There wasn’t anything that happened that made either Heidi or Kaiser evaluate their feelings whether it was really love, or just a hazy and good dose of intercourse.
3. Kaiser asked Heidi to do anything as long as she gets the information he needed from a rival. Usually, doms share their subs because they want their friends to know how proud they are of their subs or something like that. What Kaiser did, however, was short of prostitution.
4. The story seemed rushed all throughout.
5. Heidi’s resolution with her stolen designs was just a short narrative. It would have been nice if it made a chapter and was given more importance. After all, she did want to be a designer, right?
6. The story had no climax. Maybe the fashion show was supposed to be that, but there was no build up. There was no emotional grip that made me, as a reader, want to get to the most exciting part right away.
7. Even if it was a happy one, the ending sucked big time. All of a sudden, it was already the end. Hey! Where did the rest of the story go?

I’ve never been a fan of Selena Kitt. I enjoy reading erotica, but most of her works are just so-so. Now, let’s move on to something better.

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