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On Smartphones and Smart Users

September 14, 2012

With the official release of the iPhone 5, many people are again debating over whether the iOS or Android is better. Forums and blogs over the cyber world are full of discussions on whether the new model is even worth all the anticipation.

Personally, I think the iPhone 5 is something that can easily be skipped. I don’t need a phone that has virtually the same features as the iPhone 4s but has a significantly higher price. I mean, come on, I think I get better fulfillment and enjoyment from my Samsung Galaxy Note than what I’d get if I got the iPhone. Yes, Apple is definitely superior as a brand. What person wouldn’t be proud to own an iPhone, right? It’s just like you’re really just paying for the name instead of the actual things you do get from the phone. The phone is now sporting a 4-inch screen, which, unfortunately, is still way smaller than my phone.

I’d much prefer my Samsung because it gives me so many options to optimize how I want my phone to function. While the Apps Store has a lot more apps available compared to Google’s Play Store, the Android has a lot more tools to choose from for functionality and productivity. Why would I want to look at the iPhone’s same old screen when I can have a completely personalized screen on my Android? Why would I endure Apple’s own tools when the internet offers so much more out there?

I am not saying that the new iPhone sucks. If I did not have my Android, I would probably buy it. If I’m a person who doesn’t have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, I’d buy it. Other than that, there’s pretty much nothing special to say about the new iPhone at all.

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