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September 22, 2011

Every now and then, I come to this blog to write something. Along with that, I keep hoping I’d once again find the passion and the commitment to keep this blog updated and start writing poetry again. The passion is there. Definitely. However, I can’t seem to commit anymore.

I love this blog. I writing. I love reading other blogs that I have come across in my WP journey. It’s just that my life is at a point where I can barely juggle my job, my family, and my personal “ME” time. Also, there’s not much to tell about my life these days. I stay at home and work all day. Get 4-6 hours of sleep during weekdays and make up for all the lost hours on weekends. Every Saturday, J and I would go out for dinner. Some Sundays, I also take my mom out to lunch or dinner (depending on what she likes). Some weekends, we feel like celebrating and we either go out with friends or ask them to come over. Most weekends, though, I am just too tired to mingle.

The only trip that’s definitely worth looking forward to is my trip to CDO on January. That’s still a very long time away. Also, I look forward to this year’s Christmas because I might have better reasons to celebrate. Between now and January, J and I might go on a random trip, but that’s not at all discussed yet. Other than the things I mentioned, there’s really nothing else. I don’t even have time to philosophize anymore. There’s nothing wrong with the way things are right now. In fact, every thing is just —————————- in place.

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