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Blank Verses for a Non-Blank Life

September 23, 2010

What can I ask for in my entire life
If not for no one else’s love but yours.
When all else leaves, you’re all I need to stay.
When things go wrong, I can still make it through
As long as you’re around to lift me up.
When clouds are here to chase the light away,
You stay as bright as any light could be.
I’ll never stop this feeling that I have;
I’m thankful that you came into my life


Three Tankas

February 25, 2010

As a poet for today’s rally, I want to feature three Tankas. A Tanka is a Japanese type of poem. It consists of five lines. The first and the third lines have five syllables while the rest of the poem has seven. I have already tried Haiku, so I’m giving this a try as well. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂

The Grave

The rose smells so sweet.
In her hands, so red, so lush.
But the tears that fall
Portray the sadness she feels,
Leaving the rose on his grave.

The Friend

A joyous flower,
Looking so clean and friendly,
Daisies look so cute.
I wish he’d give me daisies;
His friendship, I so cherish.

My Father

He gave me tulips
Because I was his baby.
He painted flowers
So beautiful to see and
Called them “Tulips for Isha”


Thursday, Poets, Poems. What More Can You Ask For?

February 18, 2010

I am so happy because Jingle, a very talented and friendly poet, awarded me with this. Because of this award, I feel more encouraged to join the rally every Thursday (not that I didn’t like doing so before the award). Jingle has done an amazing job gathering poets together. Because of her, I have met great friends who give me a lot of encouragement with writing poetry. I have met great and talented poets that I have learned to respect.

You may click this link so that you can check the other nominees as well. You may also follow this link to check out Jingle’s blog:

My poems for this week are Cinquains. This is my first try at this type of poetry, so I hope you forgive me if I need to brush up on it more. Enjoy! 🙂 Also, for the nomination, I have to nominate Beth because her poems and her prose always inspire me. I hope I would still get more chances to nominate other people next week, and the weeks after that… You may check out Beth’s blog by clicking on this link.

The Root of Happiness

Treasured, loved.
Making life fun,
Hard to live without.

My Mother, The Golden

So supportive.
She give lisght.
She is always there.

The Addictive Factor

Elusive, Deceptive.
Wanted and needed.
It’s like a drug.


Seasons (A Collection of Six Haikus)

February 17, 2010

I notice that a lot of people are fond of writing Haiku. I, on the other hand, write poems about love and, sometimes, society. I think I have written Some Haiku before, but I don’t know where those poems are. I decided to write a Haiku today, just for the fun of it. I came up with one poem, but I felt like one Haiku was not enough. If I can come up with a 20-line poem anytime, surely, a Haiku wouldn’t be so difficult, would it? I tried to write more, and I finally came up with six Haikus. Enjoy, friends! 🙂

Summer’s almost here.
Children are all out, playing,
Having fun each day.


Rainy days are gone.
The sun is shining brightly;
The sky is now clear.


When leaves are golden,
The air is almost frozen.
Autumn has begun.


I touch the cold ice
Falling from a cloudless sky,
This winter, so cold.


Flowers all blooming
So colorful, they all are
Everytime spring comes.


Let’s go to the beach
And roll in the fine white sand
Under the hot sun.



February 11, 2010

Since I am, again, a part of Thursday Poet’s Rally, I came up with this sonnet. This is supposed to be a Shakespearean type of poetry, so I’m including it in my poetry project as well. I’m not sure if I got the poetry right. But I hope you still enjoy this. 🙂 This poem is called “The Writer” because I ran out of titles. I couldn’t think of a good title. I can entertain suggestions, though. 🙂

The Writer

To know you is to love you more dearly.
I long to see you and have you near me.
With you by my side I see more clearly;
In love with you is all I’d want to be.

And when the days go by, I think of you-
Your smile, your touch, your laughter and your kiss.
I keep imagining; that’s all I do.
Everything about you, I really miss.

I pray the day we meet shall come again,
But till that day comes, I’ll have loneliness.
Thinking about you every now and then,
Without you my world is full of blankness.

All of these words for you I’d gladly write,
Till the day you’re no longer out of sight.



February 9, 2010

Finally, I am done with my Ballad. I thought I would never get to write this type of poem. I just found it so difficult. But, here I am, ready to post the latest one I just wrote. I know ballads are supposed to be about legends and folk tales. Unfortunately, I could not find any inspiration there. I decided to use a street child as my subject. I have always been partial with poor children. I like children, rich or poor. There is just something about their innocence that warms me. This is why, I have written this ballad for a child of the streets. I hope you guys still enjoy this. Surprisingly, this isn’t like any other love poems I’ve written. 🙂

The Ballad of a Street Child

Cars are now passing by, waking me up.
Time for me to pick up my empty cup,
Yet another morning has now come,
Living as one of society’s scum.
The night before had felt so cold;
My body feels so sick and old.

And through the day I walk along the street,
Hoping I could find something I could eat.
My dirty hands scour through garbage bags
As I wipe them with my worn old rags.
And I try to satisfy the hunger and longing;
I look for this peaceful feeling of belonging.

At home I have a mother and a father.
Don’t ask me what they do in life; Don’t bother.
I have seven more siblings who are just as sick;
I try not to think of them- that’s the trick.
I have to eat, and dream, and survive;
I have to make it out of this alive.

I eat the food that people throw away;
I try to imagine I am eating at a buffet.
The food is as hard and as cold as stone;
I try to savour it, even as I consume it alone.
I wish I had more food to share with my siblings,
But there isn’t even enough of these crumblings

And through the day I walk along the street,
Hoping I could find something I could eat.
My dirty hands scour through garbage bags
As I wipe them with my worn old rags.
And I try to satisfy the hunger and longing;
I look for this peaceful feeling of belonging.

When the heat of the sun above is scorching,
When my skin feels like some acid burning,
I sit down along the street, at the pavement,
Wishing I could just relax, even for a moment.
But I know I have so many things left to do,
Like beg and hope to earn enough for one or two.

When the rain suddenly pours upon my poor head,
I would gladly withstand it, if it meant I could get fed.
I would gladly drink its drops that fall on my face,
If only someone would also give me a warm embrace.
But my torn and ragged clothes are all that hug me,
Making my soul feel even more empty and chilly.

And through the day I walk along the street
Hoping I could find something I could eat
My dirty hands scour through garbage bags
As I wipe them with my worn old rags
And I try to satisfy the hunger and longing
I look for this peaceful feeling of belonging.

And now, the night has finally come,
I still yearn for food, and then some.
When I make my bed of old carton boxes,
I sleep with folks from different ages and sexes.
But we all share the same street, the same road.
In life, we all carry the same heavy load.

I finally lie down and stare up at the sky,
Thinking why my life is a fairy tale gone awry.
I should be at home like other kids my age,
But I am a bird that neither has the sky nor a cage.
I am just living my life on the streets you pass by;
I call out for help but no one ever hears my cry.

And through the day I walk along the street,
Hoping I could find something I could eat.
My dirty hands scour through garbage bags
As I wipe them with my worn old rags
And I try to satisfy the hunger and longing;
I look for this peaceful feeling of belonging.


Acrostic Poem

February 8, 2010

This is the second type of poem I am writing today for my project. This is an acrostic. I remember being asked by my English teacher in High School to write an acrostic. I don’t even remember what I wrote back then. I hope this one is much better. 🙂 To view the complete list of the poems I have written for this project, please click this link. Thank you, and enjoy! *wink*

World Peace


When everybody else is hurting
Or blaming other people for the pain
Right when we think there’s no more hope
Lost and desperate, we all become.
Doomsday seems so near at once.

People everywhere, not knowing where to go
Everybody seems to have lost all faith.
All at once, let us be there for each other.
Calm our troubled waters, rebuild our bridges
Everlasting peace, let’s all work to achieve.


ABC Poem

February 8, 2010

This is my attempt at writing an ABC poem. I am not really sure if I got it right, but here it is anyway. If you like it, then I am really glad that you did. If you think I should revise it, I would appreciate your suggestions. Constructive criticism is very helpful, you know. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you have fun with this. 🙂

For a full list of the other types of poetry that I’ve already tried writing, please click on this link. From there, you will find out why I’m suddenly writing all these poetry. 🙂

The Cuddle

A hand to hold when I falter
Big arms to wrap me in when I shiver
Colorful rainbows and gardens in summer
Delicious raindrops and delightful laughter
These and more are what you are to me.

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