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March 9, 2012

Some things in life are priceless. These are just some things that make it to my list of the best things in life.

1. Nature. Whether it’s a sunset, day break, a morning dew, or the consistent crashing sound of the sea, everything about nature is absolutely unequaled in beauty. Thank GOD for it.

2. Laughter. This is probably the only thing that should be done as loud as you possible can.

3. Intelligent Conversations. Never take for granted the power of smart and interesting conversations. Moreover, never take for granted the people you usually have intelligent conversations with.

4. Love. Sometimes, it is overrated, but it is never out of style, never out of place. There is always room for love in every corner of your world.

5. Passion. How else does one person get what he wants, to where he wants if he does not want it bad enough?

6. Music. Yes. In an instant, you can go from broken to healed, put down to lifted up just by listening to music.

7. Mornings. Waking up should never be difficult. No matter how early it is, the fact that you’ve awaken should be reason enough to celebrate the day.

8. Birthdays and birthday greetings. There’s always something about the fact that people reach out to you and wish you the best on your birthday. Plus, birthdays mean you can get away with anything because it’s your “special day”.

9. Kisses. There are different kinds of kisses, but all of them give the same remedy.

10. Your first day on a new place. The possibilities are always limitless when you first step foot on a particular place.

What about you? What’s priceless for you?

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