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March 11, 2010

I want to apologize if the poem below may be a little confusing. I wrote this for today’s rally, and I hope you still enjoy this. Thank you so much for visiting… :)xoxo

Sometimes I avoid love songs
Because they only speak of beauty
Or the pain that, in their hearts, throbs
But a song that shows reality,
I have yet to find.

I read through the lyrics and I
sometimes do not find what it is I seek
I look for something like yours and mine
I guess writing about us will do the trick,
I have yet to find.

Our love is not the sunshine
That brightens each other’s day
No, we are but the sunset that glows golden
Warm nights that we haven’t spent cuddled close,
I have yet to find.

We do not bring each other springtime
That makes everything bright and beautiful
We are all the four seasons, bright or dark
A season of love and madness such as ours,
I have yet to find.

We are not the something new in life
That we always wanted and dreamed of
We are the familiar face, the familiar touch
We’ve been together even before the forever that
I have yet to find.

We are not one heart and one soul
Nor a pair of wings that fly together
We are two hearts that beat separately
But two hearts that beat with love such as ours,
I have yet to find.

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