The Day Before Sunday

March 6, 2010

I am excited for tomorrow because I invited my friends to come over. My boyfriend is the incredibly possessive type, and he doesn’t like it if I go out with my friends. He thinks we’re going to do crazy stuff, which we never do at all. He also does not like the idea of going out with me AND my friends. I do not know what’s the thing with him, but he much prefers to stay at home all the time.

Because of this, I decided to just have my friends come over instead. My original plan is to have lunch with them. We’d probably have karaoke and some beer too, but I’m not too sure about the beer. I hope that all the ones I invited will really come. With all the changes that I am going through because of a new job, I want to spend some time with these people I am leaving behind. Well, for now, I have to get busy with buying the food that I will cook tomorrow. I’ll surely post some pictures in my Facebook for tomorrow’s lunch with my friends. Until then, all I can do is prepare the food… 🙂



  1. Screw the karaoke. Not the beer!

    • ahahahaha…. my friends are great singers, you know… *wink*

  2. Me got tributes and awards for you!



    p.s hope you have a great time!

    • thank you so much, shakira…i really need to catch up on all these awards… 🙂

  3. an award 4 u in my blog,
    Happy Sunday Ahead!

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