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January 26, 2011

You Are California

You are cutting edge and diverse. People may call you flaky, but you can’t help that you have a lot going on.
In general, you are friendly and laid back. There’s nothing you like better than a quiet afternoon at the beach.

You are socially progressive and open minded. Anyone is welcome into your circle of friends.
You may be a bit image conscious, but you understand that appearances matter!

What US State Are You?
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The Lalitha Mahal

January 13, 2010

Ive always known about the Taj Mahal. I’ve always about its history and its captivating beauty. However, I only learned about the Lalitha Mahal today.

The Lalitha Mahal is the second largest palace in Mysore. It is located near the Chamundi Hills, east of the city of Mysore in the Indian state of Karnataka. The Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV ordered this palace to be built for the exlusive stay of the then Viceroy of India. The palace was fashioned on the lines of the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Today, it is now run as an elite hotel of the Ashok Group of the India Tourism Development Corporations, still unde rthe Government of India. I am attaching a picture on this blog entry, so you may also see what the palace looks like.


Creepy Places

December 19, 2009

Has anybody ever fantasized about visting haunted castles and houses? When I was young, I’ve always wanted to be a witch. I would google out chants and witch holidays. I would watch The Craft over and over until I had memorized the lines.

Today, I feel like going back to the old days. I am going to list down ten of the most popular haunted places on earth. I wish that I could visit even just one of them. However, since that wish seems to be a little too impossible, let me just stick to the fantasies then.

1. Bermuda Triangle

– Come on, who hasn’t heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle? A couple of movies have already been made where people always disappear during ill-fated trips around the area. A lot of people have dedicated their life’s work to understanding the mystery. Others have tried to give scientific explanations to the losses that happened within the area. But that’s the whole point. This place is meant to be mysterious. Why try to solve such an ageless mystery when this is the main reason that people are drawn to it.

2. Roswell

– Speculations say that a UFO landed in Roswell sometime in 1947. Like all other unexplainable incidents, there are always people who try to give logical excuses for a certain mystery. According to some people, it wasn’t a UFO that crashed. But how can anybody be sure at all? The eternal question always follows: Are we really alone in this universe?

3. Winchester Mystery House

– Sarah Winchester married William Wirt Winchester, a gun magnate. The Winchester House was built to be their house. However, it remained to be continuously under construction for 38 years. Rumor has it that the house was haunted by the people who died from Winchester guns. The house still stands today, as a museum.

4. Gettysburg

– What wouldn’t be scary in a battlefield? People fought, blood was shed, and lives were lost. Now, if it’s true that the ghost of George Washington rides through the area, then isn’t that cool?

5. Salem

– This would be the first place I’d visit if I have the power to do so. The place became known because of the infamous Salem Witch Trials where a lot of people were executed for allegedly being witches. Even men weren’t safe from being arrested. People say that the ghosts of those who died during the witch hunt still haunt the place even until now.

6. Paris Catacombs

– Is there anything scarier than being trapped underneath, surrounded by thousands of human bones? I’ve seen a scary movie which featured the Catacombs. The plot of the movie wasn’t really scary, but the thought of being in the catacombs definitely gives me goosebumps.

7. Lizze Borden Bed and Breakfast

– According to history, Lizzie Borden murdered her father and stepmother. Everybody believed her to be guilty; however, she was acquitted at the time of trial. Visiting the scene of the crime would really be terrifying.

8. Hacker House

– This place is in Salem, North Carolina. Everytime this place is used, bad things always happen. It rests upon a Native American mass grave. Some soldiers said they had a battle with the undead. Indeed, bodies were excavated, but they were shockingly hollow. When the place was used as a funeral parlor, things still went bad. Now, people only take a tour of the house, but nobody wants to live there anymore.

9. Edinburgh Castle

– This is such a magnificent place with a medieval atmosphere. However, there are reports of ghost dogs, headless drummers, and other unexplainable beings. Psychologists have now set out to find quantitative proof of these reports.

10. Bran Castle

– This place is more commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle.” We all know Count Dracula, so his house should be scary for everybody. There should be nothings else to say about the place. I think the place isn’t really haunted. It’s just the fact that the famous Count Dracula lived here that makes the place scary.

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