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Pound For Pound

January 11, 2010

The country’s most popular athlete, Manny Pacquiao, has been in a lot of controversies lately. I am not an avid fan of the man, but I am happy whenever he wins his matches with other boxers. I am proud of him because he is a Filipino, and he has achieved so much and has represented the country well.

However, I don’t think he should be an actor. Let’s face it, acting is a craft. You’re not supposed to get into the business just because you’re popular or rich. Some people are very good actors. Leave the acting to them. I think Manny should just focus on the one thing he is best at: boxing.

Also, I think Manny should take care of his family more. The issue linking him to another woman is not healthy. This not only ruins his marriage, it also affects the life of his children, his family, and his wife’s family. If he has not done anything wrong, he should say so. Being utterly quiet about does not help because it only adds fuel to the fire. Look at how big the issue has gotten now.

As for running for public office, I still think it’s not a good idea. But I am not in the position to say so. Only he can say if he is ready to serve the country. As we all know by now, our country’s politics has become a tired an sick joke that everybody plays. I think that only those people who are genuinely willing to be servants should run for office.

For the Manny fans, don’t get anoyed yet. This blog is not just about dissing your hero. I also want to praise him for his incomparable boxing skills. He is a man of great courage and determination. Everybody idolizes him. Everybody roots for him whenever he has a match. This is exactly why he should take very good care of his reputation. It would be such a waste if he continued winning titles but not be liked as a person by his fellowmen.

Two months from now, Manny will be facing another formidable opponent in the boxing ring. His name is Joshua Clottey. I would have loved it if he was fighting Mayweather. But I guess some fights are not meant to happen. Yet. Like all other Filipinos, I will still hope and wish that this will be another victory for Manny. Aside from that, I’d still be looking forward to the day he faces Mayweather at last.

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