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Listen to Me When Your Heart Breaks

November 19, 2010

The Heart of the Matter by India Arie

"It's about forgiveness…" This is absolutely the best phrase in the entire song. Basically, the song is about a woman who got a phone call from her friend telling her that her ex-lover has already found a new love.

My favorite line actually has a universal truth in it. Breakups are always about forgiveness, even when there's no love anymore.

Forgiveness for the hurt we cause each other.

Forgiveness for the wrongs we have done to each other.

Forgiveness for the things we could have done but failed to do.

It's about forgiving the person who has hurt you the most. It's about moving on. It's about not giving up the hope that someday somehow, we will find somebody new, somebody we may not anymore love as deep as we have loved someone before but somebody who deserves all the love we can give from the placed back pieces of our broken hearts.

Rise by Gabrielle

I'm not really sure if this song could actually help me get over a breakup, but it's worth listening to. The chorus goes "Look at my life; look at my heart.I have seen them fall apart, and now I'm ready to rise again."

They call it a breakup for a reason. When two people decide to go on separate ways, there are always devastating effects on at least one of them. When you go through a break up, it's not just the relationship that get's broken.

Hearts. Dreams. Lives. They all get broken too.

Unfortunately, wallowing in self despair and depression won't help. No matter how much your heart is broken, the world does not stop for your grief. The best we can do is to look into ourselves, find our inner strength, realize that even we are hurting, the future is still on our side. A day will come when our hurts will heal. When we are ready to rise again, we will find that, in love, no one ever wins without losing a few things along the way.

Doin’Just Fine by Boyz 2 Men

This song may not always make you feel better, but you'll have one good cry when you listen to it. Everybody needs to have a hell of a good cry when they go through a break up. Everybody needs to be able to get it all out of their system.

Breakups are hard. Songs usually work as a catalyst to getting over breakups or just to help you find it in yourself to take a good look at the relationship and realize if the break up will someday be a blessing in disguise or if the relationship is actually still worth fighting for.

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Does This Count as Too Much Information?

October 2, 2010

According to Wikipedia, Dysmenorrhea is a gynecological medical condition that is characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation.

Most women experience only minor pains; however, there is a good number of women who suffer from pain so sever as to limit normal activities or even require medication.

I happen to be one of that good number. I am still fortunate enough to not require medication for the pain (although there have been instances when I take pain relievers). But my normal day to day activities are affected by the pain.

Dysmenorrhea can feature different kinds of pain. It could be sharp, throbbing, dull, nauseating, burning, or shooting pain. I have been through all that. Dysmenorrhea may precede menstruation or may accompany it. I’ve had it both ways as well.

If dysmenhorrea is caused by an underlying disease, disorder, or abnormality within or outside the uterus, that’s called secondary dysmenorrhea. However, if none of those is detected, then it’s what’s called primary dysmennorhea.

I don’t know why I suffer from this. When I first started getting my periods, I did not have dysmenorrhea. The pain started when I was somewhere in high school and got worse and worse as years went by. My friends often tell me that I should see a doctor. I know I should. I just don’t like the idea of going to a doctor. One day, I know, I may have to face my dreaded trip to the doctor. It may even be anytime soon.

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