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March 30, 2011

I was going through my old blog at when I found one blog that I particularly like. Actually, there’s more of these blog entries that I always like reading over and over. It’s just that this one surprised me. It was written March 11, 2007. That was the time when me and LOVE weren’t really in good terms (in other words, I was in everywhere else but LOVE). I am surprised at how far I’ve come from the time I wrote this till today. It’s a good thing I already knew back then that LOVE needed patience and hard work.

Here it is:


if there are things i’ve learned in life, knowing how i used to live it not too long ago, one of them is the fact that if you want things to end right, you have to start them right in the first place.

happy endings only exist in movies. movies for the immature, to be exact. because the truth is, real life never ends. i mean, nothing in this life just ends. everything that we do affects us, molds us, makes us what we are, what we become.

it is when we learn to accept some truths in life that we become happy. sometimes, we make decisions, impusilve ones, that take us to hostile places. sometimes too, we do just the right thing and make ourselves happy.

i don’t know what i am doing right now. i am not sure if this is right. i am not sure if this will make me happy, if this will make everybody happy. but what i do know is that this feels right. after all the mistakes i have made before, stupid or stubborn ones, i have stumbled upon something i know i will never regret, even if it turns out to be a failure.

i have never been known as someone who gives up, and i am not giving up now. i can hold on. i know i can hold on. it does not take only a patient man to hold on the way i do now. all it takes is knowing how to love somebody. all will be well, i know that. and maybe one of these days, i can say that too.


New Website

January 22, 2010

I have had a Multiply account since 2004. I’ve invested much time in it. I’ve posted so many albums there. I have shared so many thoughts on my blog. I have connected with so many friends from there. That account has become a huge part of my life.

But my life has gone through so many changes. I’ve since searched for my soul, for my place, for that special part of this world that I fit in. I’ve been through so many life-changing experiences. This is why I feel like it’s now time to say goodbye to my old Multiply account.

For blogging, I’m so satisfied with WordPress. Everything about being a good blogger, I already get from here. For social networking, well, I’ll always have Facebook. But I still feel the need to own my own website. I want to upload unlimited pictures and music. I want to share my life even to those who are not part of my social network. So I dedcided to open a new Multiply account.

Yes, I am saying goodbye to…. So much has been given to this site. But I am also saying hello to….. I am so excited to start working on  my new site. I hope you will also visit my Multiply site. Have a great day, my dear friends! 🙂

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