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Thumbs Up

May 11, 2010

Finally, the 2010 Philippine presidential election is done. The results are not final yet. However, there’s a certain relief that comes from everyone. Before the elections, people were nervous and thought there will be a failure of elections this time. I did not think it was likely to happen, but a lot of people were really nervous.

Thank heavens everything’s all over now. We just need to wait for the final announcement of who the next Philippine President is. From the news today, it looks like our new President will be Senator Benigno Aquino, III. Anybody who knows about Philippine history knows who he is. I am not saying that he is the perfect candidate. In fact, there are about a couple of other presidential candidates who may be more qualified than him. But qualifications are not all that matter in the country’s highest public position. A leader does not need only to be qualified. He also has to have enough charisma and patience to get the entire nation to listen to him. If Senator Aquino will be declared as the new President, I wish him all the luck. This country has been through so much. I am sure that he is in for yet another bumpy ride.

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