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June 7, 2010

I had the most terrible week and half of my life. However, I am so thankful to be coming out on top. I like being the winner. It comes with the name. For those who understand the Filipino language, you’d know what I mean.

Never again will I ever go through that nightmare I had to go through. I will once again start as a trainer on Thursday. I am still excited even if this isn’t the first time I’ll be training people. It’s just that everything is always a learning experience, so being a trainer is never the same with every class you handle.

It’s my father’s 4th death anniversary today. I hope that wherever he is now, he will find peace.I hope that when he looks at us now, his family, he will be assured that we are all in good hands and in good health.

I want to celebrate my being back to WordPress after almost two years of being away. I have not been active in the last few weeks because my life was in turmoil. I am so glad the storm is over now.

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