Leaps and Bounds

January 27, 2012

I have to admit; I ask for too much. I am difficult to deal with. I pick fights and fight back whenever I can. I whine; I complain, and I demand. A lot. I am not an easy person to love.

But all in all, I thank all the stars in the sky because I have people who love me. I have more than my share of people who love me. So, yes, I may not be the ideal, but I am one lucky person.

Luckier still because I found someone who understands me almost as much as I understand myself. He may not really know me, or get how my mind works. But in his own little ways, he knows how to deal with me. He know how to work around me. For that alone, I will remain thankful.

And yes, I ask for a lot. But that does not mean you cannot give me just “a little”. No matter how small, I still know how to look at the bigger picture and appreciate the little things for what they are – small acts of love or kindness that definitely goes a long way, longer than some of the huge jumps that people go to.

And it is because I know how to appreciate the little things that I also demand leaps and bounds. Yes, I need the huge jump too. It is because of that I also want the giant leap, the grand gesture. So yes, I am lucky. But I know I will be luckiest for all the things I am shown, little or otherwise.


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  2. frank expression, missed you a lot.

    keep sharing, hope to see you around soon.

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