Bury Me

December 18, 2010

There are three things I want to hear at my funeral. I want people to tell the world that I was loved, that I was generous, and that I was compassionate. I want to live my life being a reflection of these three things: love, charity, and compassion.

She was loved.
They’ll say it because it’s true. In my 26 years here on this wretched planet, I have felt more love than I deserve. I have been showered with love in all forms and manifestations. Like I always say, I have never had an easy life. But all the hardships don’t even come close to the rush of knowing that people around you love you in all possible ways.

She was generous.
I’ve always wanted to be able to give and share. I’m not saying I have a lot to give. I am not rich. I work to live. I don’t even have enough for luxury. But I still want to be able to extend my simplest blessing and lend a hand wherever needed.

She was compassionate.
This is only easy to say, but I may not always be as compassionate as I imagined myself to be. Maybe I need more practice on this.

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One comment

  1. This is a scary but kind post, to tell the world how you want to be remembered. I know this will happen in your funeral! But not soon, okay? Take care, and Merry Christmas, dear Ishabelle! 😀

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