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Awakened by the BPO industry

July 8, 2010

I was only twenty when I first started working as a call center agent. Back then, I di dnot even have any idea what the industry was about. I was just told to apply during the job fair, I gor hired, and before I knew what was happening, I was already making plans for Cebu.

I did not even love Cebu before. I just thought of it as one big oven where my brains could fry. The fact that I had to work in that particular city was really disturbing.

Looking back now, everything has completely changed. Now, I don't even want to leave Cebu anymore. I have grown in the BPO industry. I am not an agent anymore. I have made a career out of the messy world that most people want to get into. The funny thing is that, if somebody had told me before this is how my life was going to be, I would have laughed it all off. Well, look at where I am now….


Jologs Much?

July 8, 2010

Baduy much? I always hear these songs being played in Karaoke bars and sung by drunk, nearly drunk, and even sober people. However, I have to admit I still enjoy hearing these songs. There are a lot of songs I hear over and over again that I still enjoy. However, these would make th top three if I ever had a list.

Wind of Change by Scorpions

Two Less Lonely People by Air Supply

I’ll be Over You by Toto

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