Fallen Angel

May 6, 2010

I wanted to write something light and easy today, but I couldn’t come up with anything like that. Instead, I am now sharing this poem to you. it’s a little sad, and tragic. It’s not my current mood, which is weird why I gravitate toward this poem today. I hope this one still gets a good reception from you, guys. 🙂

There’s a fallen angel on earth tnight;
She is loving someone out of sight.
See her heart break into pieces;
Wonder when the heartache ceases.

An angel so pretty is crying right now,
Looking for answers to the question how.
How can she make the guy she loves a lot
Love her the same way? He just does not.

Look at her eyes, see how they glitter.
They glitter with tears; her world is shattered.
The only time the angel’s fallen so deep
Is with a love that’s not hers to keep.

The world around her is darker than night.
She is the onlyone who shines so bright,
And because she shines, you’d see her sadness,
So clear, so vivid. You’d feel her loneliness.

Tear after tear run down her face.
It’s hard to understand love’s crooked ways.
This angel has cried so hard tonight.
If only things would turn out right.

Why can’t the guy see how she hurts?
How could he break an angel’s heart?
This guy is so lucky he’s loved so well
By such a lonely and beautiful angel.


  1. i believe there are quite a few of these angels out there…

  2. What a beautiful angel…
    It is ok to write about this subject even though you are not sad, sadness and happiness are reflections of the other?

    Me got award,tribute and nominations for you here. hugs shakira

  3. Sad, but still, in a way, comforting.

  4. hopeful and insightful!
    life is a mixture of everything!

  5. aww that is so sad…
    so beautifully expressed…

  6. like lyrics to a soul song– goes w/ your blog soundtrack so well. nicely done!

  7. awe Ishbelle that was simply beautiful, loved your poem, very well written, well done xx

  8. full of hopes .. nice read ..thnx fr sharing with us ..

    beautiful .. !

  9. a well written poem, the imagery is really minute and vivid.

  10. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/week-17-the-perfect-poet-award/

    perfect poet award week 17.

  11. What a gorgeous poem. that guy is really unlucky!

  12. isn’t it expressive miss?

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