Just so…

May 5, 2010

Here’s another blogsite that I would like to share to my friends. This is a linklog, though. It’s not like any of the other usual blogs that post ramblings, musings, or poetry. This blog here shares download links to ebooks.

Personally, I would much rather own a copy of the actual book. But I read ebooks all the time. That way, I get to decide whether I like the book enough to actually get a copy of it and include it in my collection.

I don’t know if any of you are into ebooks, though. But I’d just like to share. Please click the link below if you want to check out the site.



  1. Please come over to here and here
    to help me wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Viola.
    Love you!

  2. superb dear, kind of u to share, have a great day xxx

  3. thats really cool

  4. what is your opinion about this topic.

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