April 29, 2010

I hate to think about it,
But there’s nothing I can do.
It’s the truth, and I have to face it.
I’m a thousand miles away from you.

I left, but you can’t blame me.
It’s just what I should do.
I know we are meant to be,
But here I am, away from you.

I miss everything about you
When will we see each other again?
There’s one thing I want to tell you:
I’ll love you now and then.

I didn’t mean to leave suddenly,
And stay some place miles away.
One day, I’ll be back to be free,
And forever I shall stay.

So promise me you’ll wait for me,
And one day we’ll be together.
Let’s just wait and see,
For soon, we’d be happy forever.


When I wrote this poem, I was away from the city, having a vacation in a small province where my grandmother came from. Since I am such a city girl, I wrote this because I felt like I was away from a place that was very dear to me.


  1. very nice….

  2. lovely…

    you wrote this for a city, which sounds like a beautiful feeling!
    Happy Thursday!

  3. “One day, I’ll be back to be free, / And forever I shall stay.”

    I like these lines, they’re nicely ambiguous. I don’t know whether or not you deliberately wrote it that way, but to me it suggests a choice between staying free or staying in the city. It adds a nice tension to the emotions you express in the poem. Whatever you intended, good work!

  4. well penned , I love this poem , it’s rhyming beautifully.

  5. Great words, not normally spoken about such a subject. Clever.

  6. I really like that its about a city–it would be too sentimental if it was about a person/lover.

  7. Great poem. I feel the same way about a certain place.
    Witty and well written. Thanks

  8. awww..what a really nice poem.. i love it! so much! i can feel the ache and longing for your loved one.. great rhyming too! 😀 well done!

  9. sweet

  10. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/04/from-friends-to-friends-awards.html

    some friendship awards.
    enjoy your day!

  11. Such a loving poem…so much yearning…

    Me got awards, tribute and nomination for you!

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ishabelle Manalo. Ishabelle Manalo said: City: http://wp.me/pJVLh-9e […]

  13. dang cool story dude.

  14. I love this particular cos I am in a distant relationship and this just gives me a sudden strength. Its good to see women still holding on. It makes the world a little safer than it is…cheers!!!

  15. good one..

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