April 24, 2010

Finally, the weekend is here. It is really funny how short weekends are. I don;t even get to appreciate it much these days. Anyway, I am still thankful I still get to have weekends off. Other need to work on weekends because they get their rest days on a weekday. Fortunately, I have graduated from that kind of work.

I am also being so paranoid lately with our energy usage. I keep on checking how many kilowatts we have already used so far. I even go to a point where I calculate our consumption everyday. I just don’t want to ever experience the same thing as last month, when our bill skyrocketed to PHP 2200.

I wish everybody will have a weekend as wonderful as mine. 🙂


  1. ack. we had some pretty nasty bills this winter with all the snow we got and extreme cold…

    • i know, right? it’s so hard to really monitor my energy consumption… 🙂

  2. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/25/sunday-special-2/

    5 awards under the post,
    hope that you enjoy some.
    too tired,
    will take a break from doing awards for 3 days maybe.

  3. well, hope your power consumption swoops down this month.

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