Winning or Losing

April 14, 2010

What do you think of cheaters? I don’t just mean men who are committed to the respective girlfriends but men who are married and have children as well. However, even if they are fond of their family, they can’t help but cheat on their wives, lie to their children, and screw around with different women.

I know some men who are like that. I am not surprised by men who behave that way. I don’t condone or condemn them. I am only thankful that I did not have to grow up with that kind of environment.

We can’t stop men from “being men” as they say. If men really cannot stop themselves from cheating on their wives, well, there’s pretty much nothing we can do about it right? They already said it. It’s an urge they can’t control or probably lack to willpower to control.

I have always viewed cheating as a voluntary act. It is not like the muscles in your stomach working their way through digesting the food you ate. It’s not like your brain relentlessly trying to control all the other parts of your body. With cheating, everything is always controllable. Eveything is always under your control.

When you go out or meet with the person you’re cheating with, that’s voluntary. Your feet just won’t atomatically take you to that meeting place. You workΒ  on your own to get there. When you get to the point of no return, there is always that moment when you can always step back or back out. There’s always that split second where you can still change things. It is always a matter of choice, of decision.

Maybe that’s why I have little sympathy for cheaters. I had a wild ride when I was younger, but I never cheated on anybody. I don’t like cheaters, but I still consider them human beings who judge fail to make right decisions all the time. Sometimes, we don’t have to think whether one this is right or not, we just have to think about what SHOULD BE, and that’s we should stand by our decisions. If we’ve already decided to have our own families, then that should be final. Anything else that comes after that should only be a test as to how dedicated and faithful we are to our own decisions.

I am not a cheater. I don’t want to be cheated. But right now, I can only hope to never experience the pain that people experience when they realize that they have been cheated on. πŸ™‚


  1. they are not men being men, they are boys that never grew up…and its a social issue that affects men and women alike…

    • i agree… women cheat too… but women lose a lot more when they cheat… men don’t seem to lose any… at least, from what i’ve seen… πŸ™‚

  2. I never cheated on my wife but plenty of my friends have, they suffered in the end and I am glad, great post Ishbelle xx

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  5. men or women, whoever cheats have some serious problem with their dignity- i too may accept wild life but not deliberate cheating.

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  7. I’m a married man and I’m surrounded by attractive women at work 5 days a week. But cheating never crossed my mind. You’re right, its all about making the RIGHT choice.

    Besides, its not the nicest reputation in the world to be known as ‘that married guy who flirts around like he doesn’t have a wife and kid waiting at home’.

    • i know, right? it doesn’t sound so cool… πŸ™‚ but it happens for both men and women… im just thankful that there are still people out there who think otherwise… πŸ™‚

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