Almost Late For the Rally

April 8, 2010

When I was in High School, I used to hang out with three other girls. We liked to think we were cool. Maybe we were. But everyday thinks they’re cool in high school, you know. We were always part of the popular crowd because we were in the Science Class, meaning, we were ahead of the others. Anyway, I wrote this poem back then, to describe the four of us. I was reading it earlier today, and I realized I just had to post this here. I hope you guys enjoy.

Angels of Heaven

Four girls so sweet and gentle.
It makes many people wonder.
Why should they be so beautiful?
It leaves others very envious.

The first one is strong and tall,
But she cares for one and all.
She is also very intelligent,
Always a part of every merriment.

The other one is timid and shy.
Her friends can’t understand why.
She is kind and patient too.
For a friend, everything, she’d do.

Another is loud and bubbly
But sometimes could be very funny.
She lives life nonchalantly
And braves trials triumphantly.

The last one is like a child.
Her heart is soft and mild,
But when she’s mad, she’s horrible.
Although she is always lovable.

Four girls so nice and cute;
They’re like angels so pure.
Everybody thinks they’re great;
They are just so hard to hate.


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    John 🙂

    • wow! thanks so much for such wonderful awards, john… i am really honored…

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  2. you are trying something creative,
    it is hard to show 4 characters,
    I believe that you have done wonderfully..
    Happy Thursday!

    • thanks, jingle… it’s nice to receive such encouraging comments from you…. *wink*

  3. ishabelle – this guy (me) loves your poem! .. and loves your blog… and loves! your music, I’m listening to it as I type 🙂

    The pome is lovely. I can almost feel I am there reading it over your shoulder, it’s such a natural and warm hearted poem.

    ..and it also ends beautifully too:

    Four girls so nice and cute;
    They’re like angels so pure.
    Everybody thinks they’re great;
    They are just so hard to hate.

    Princess of Poetry… you are amazing.


    • i am very flattered by your comment, john.. thanks a lot… 😀

  4. better late than never Ihabelle.A lovely poem. By the way which stanza describes you ; I guess it’s the second one mmmmmmm or the fourth.good luck.

    • thanks, wordwand… hehehe…

  5. Simply adored it. Its fabulous. When i was in college i too bonded with three more girls- it was really great. 🙂

    • i know.. two of these friends are married now, and we all live far from each other.. 🙂 we connect through FB sometimes…

  6. Isha what a great poem girl! You really rock! ❤ Sorry I haven't been to visit in a while, two more weeks and I'm FREE!! Woohoo!!

    • it’s ok… school should always take the top spot anyway, ryt? 🙂

  7. You honored your friends beautifully. I hope they each have a copy of this. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. Hope to see there often. 😀

  8. a wonderful poem…i wonder too which one is you?

    • that would be the last… 🙂

  9. I love your work! Such fun. You are also very talented in your word selections! 🙂 Have fun writing.

    • thank you, doraz… 🙂


    • thanks, william… i wasn’t sure if an old poem would be that good… 🙂

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    Happy Thursday,
    I am pleased about your outstanding performance…

  12. I’ ve got two awards for you , get them here

  13. Hey ishabelle, I really enjoyed this recollection from your youth. Beautiful shines divine from the inside out – true to you. Great music taste too lady 😉 Really cool how that plays while reading your poem. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  14. This was cute. Which one was you, Ishabelle? 😉

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