Level Up

March 23, 2010

A few days ago, I started reading about poetry. I write poems, and I have written at least a little more than 200. But I did not really excel so much in being able to define everything technical about poetry. For me, poetry was a way of expressing the most raw emotions. It was a way of release, and outlet where I could say anything I want to say, where I could paint the pictures that I never could do so with visual arts.

However, I decided to really go out of my comfort zone and become more technical in writing. I cannot just write about MY feelings forever. I also have to write about so many things that exist on this earth. This drive is the one responsible for my goal in being more than just a writer. I want to really comprehend other writers too. Yes, poetry is open to its reader’s interpretation. But the appreciation of poetry can only be grasped by those who also write with discipline. Right now, I am just a little more than a tabula rasa. I still need to leran so many things, so I can call myself a pretty picture of colorful knowledge and expertise.

I know that I can writer. But I would feel so much better and more fulfilled if I also know the correct manner of writing. My father used to be my biggest critic. Now, I am doing his job for himself. I need to be more than I what I now. I need to improve. 🙂


  1. Thanks Ishabelle for this inspiring post.I admire your mature and sensible vision of poetry.I personally think that poetry is an outlet to express our feelings and standpoints.technical elements like meter , word/sentences stress , imagery , rhyming………..are essential to give quality to one’s poetry.we try to include these things in our poetry ,we might succeed or fail , it depends on the theme and your approach to poetry but anyway , everyday we are learning from more experienced poets in our community and through reading we aim to improve our poetry writing.good luck dear friend.

    • thanks for the encouragement wordwand… 🙂 this is really just another personal goal that i want to achieve… 🙂 i notice that i keep giving myself new goals to meet every now and then…

  2. very cool. i honestly know nothing of the technical side…mostly just read all you wonderful people and make up the rules as i go along…perhaps i need to try reading…smiles.

  3. well, from the way that you write, no one would actually guess that you’re not into the technical side of poetry… *wink*

  4. And Isha, I’m giving you my ❤ http://wp.me/pLvP2-7o

  5. poetry is art. and as it is in art, ‘freedom of expression’ is the most wonderful gift you can give to yourself and to your audience. It also clearly means never to confine yourself to such technicalities and believe that there are no hard and fast rules no matter what the professionals say. As for me, as long as my poem brings meaning to myself and that it can mean something to the readers out there, i am happy enough. you can write your own philosophy if it pleases you.. this is just my thought- no offence meant!

    • actually, im not saying that those who don’t know anything technical about poetry should not write poetry… 🙂 it’s for me, im doing the learning for myself… it does not have anything to do with anyone else… 😀

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  6. Hi Ishabelle
    I do so appreciate your honest article,I know nothing about poetry and I’m trying to learn also.When Jingle came across a letter I had written and called it poetry,imagine my surprise! 😀 Then I see you and Rahim mention so much more,I know I love to write and have for many years so that’s what I’ll sick with and learn as I go.Have a really good day 😀
    Luv ya

    • yup.. you should keep writing the way that you do now, patty ann… 🙂 your words express so much emotion… 🙂

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