Blogger Buddy Award

March 17, 2010

This Blogger Buddy award was given to me by Shakira. Please click on her name, so you can check out her blog too. She is such a thoughtful and sweet person. When William had his birthday, she went out of her way to make a tribute for him in her blog. What’s more was that she contacted the other bloggers to greet William too. She really put an effort into making William really happy on his birthday. When she receives an award for her blog, she always makes a tribute to the blogger who gave her the award. I am indeed very lucky that we got to be friends. She is a gem. 🙂

I want to pass this award on to:

1. Brian Miller (for being really supportive and for visiting my blog everyday… 🙂

2. John (for being very open and friendly, even when it was just his first time visiting my blog)

3. Wordwand (because he has an award for almost every other day)

4. A Leaf in the Breeze (because a girl can never have too many friends, and it’s always best to meet as many new ones as a girl can handle)


  1. Thank you so much. It means so much that you would think of me xx

    • you truly deserve it… 🙂

  2. aw shucks…smiles.

    • hope you enjoyed it, brian. 🙂

  3. thanks so much , you are so sweet and thoughtful.

    • thanks too for leaving so many awards on my blog *wink*

  4. How are you?
    Happy Wednesday!
    Thank you for the comment in my post,
    love your kindness and open mind!

    • hehehe… it’s thursday again tomorrow.. 🙂

  5. congratz on the awards 🙂 here’s another one for you 🙂


    • wow! i have another one! thank you so much… 🙂

    • i already posted the poem and the nomination, ji… 🙂 thanks for reminding me…

  6. ishabelle , thank you so much … you are very sweet…you have a caring mind and a lovely heart…. I’m so happy to get this award from you 🙂


    • you truly deserve it, John… 🙂

  7. 🙂 ..thank you dear ishabelle 🙂

    • you’re welcome, John *wink*

  8. 😉 John *winks* back

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