Lucky Lupine Award

March 14, 2010

The Lucky Lupine Award that I will be passing on today was given to me by two new friends that I just made because of the Thursday rally that Jingle started. I am very happy because these two people bestowed me with this award. They are Wordwand and Jannie Funster. Please click on their names, so you can be directed to their blog. Let’s show support to these two people who really are very talented, and they write the most interesting things too. This award has no rule, but I want to give this out other bloggers who also deserve this token to grace their blogs.

1. Datsme

2. Dr. Jekyll

3. Gargoyle

4. Tom Baker


  1. hi , you deserve this award.good luck to you.

    • thankies much, wordwand… 🙂

  2. congrats!


    • thank you so much, william… 🙂

  4. hey, this is nice! btw i got another one i decided to pass it to you- the spring trust award.. details at my blog- enjoy!

    • okies… i’ll visit your blog right away… 🙂

  5. yay!!! Life is so god, and I am so lucky!! You and Jingle are soooo GREAT!!

    And… a bit of news what’s up in my sphere…

    I’m excited about this week, and all the upcoming give-ways on my blog — including 7 poetry books by Billy Collins and 7 of my cds, (of songs I wrote.) I am giving things to spread some happiness around. Come on over!!


    • thanks, jannie… i’ll check out your freebies… 🙂

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