Forever Friends Award

March 9, 2010

Today, I will post another award which brings me honor and happiness. This is the Forever Friends Award. I want to thank Jingle, Shakira, and Wordwand for bestowing this award on me. Please click on their names to visit their blog. Let us show support to these three people who have made a big difference in the blogging community. This award is meant to be passed on to friends you want to connect with for good. I am going to pass on this award to the blogging friends that have always shown support in my blog. I am very thankful for your friendship. 🙂 I am passing this award to three people… I don’t want to list down a lot of names because I might run out of people to give the other awards to… 🙂

Brian Miller


Stephen Kellogg


  1. smiles. thank you.

    • you’re welcome, brian… i hope you enjoyed the award…

  2. Congratulations to you and to your 3 friends… May the love keep growing and the chain get longer

    • thank you for your comment… you are welcome to come back here anytime… 🙂

  3. Aww, thanks so much!

    • you’re more than welcome… 🙂

  4. Me got tributes and awards for you!
    Please drop by…..



    • yay!!!! thank you so much, shakira… 🙂

  5. hi, I’v got an award for you you deserve it so much , collect it in my blog.

    • thank you wordwand… 🙂 it’s really an honor receiving so many awards from you guys…

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