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Beautiful Blogger Award

February 27, 2010

I have  beautiful Blogger Award from Jingle and Moondai. Like the Honest Scrap Award I posted yesterday, I’ve had this award for a couple of days already. It’s just now that I have the time to really post it and pass it on to friends. Jingle and Moondai are really precious people to me because like me, they are also poets. I admire them because their blogs are very beautiful. you chould check them out by following these links:



Rules for Accepting the Award

1. Thank the person giving you this award.
2. Copy the award to your blog
3. place a link to their blog
4. Name 7 tidbits people don’t know about you from reading your blog.
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers.
6. Place a link to those Blogger.
7. Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.

7 Facts About Me

1. I am a terrible singer, but I love music so much.

2. I used to be so vain.

3. I am the eldest of two children, but my brother likes to think he’s more mature.

4. I love Cebu now.

5. I am highly insecure, but I do a good job at concealing that.

6. Because I am insecure, I am naturally shy. However, I could win an award for acting because I know how to fake confidence.

7. I love to cook, but I’m too lazy to do that most of the time.

7 Bloggers I am Nominating for the Award

1. Patty Ann

2. Shakira

3. Beth

4. Brianna

5. Noha

6. L


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