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You Deserve a Star Today Award

February 23, 2010

My friend, Jingle, has given me another award today. I was offline for two days, and I am welcomed by this prestige. Jingle is indeed the glue that binds all poets/bloggers together. One fine day, someone named Jingle left a comment on my blog, and I’ve met many people after that. Reading her poems and her math puzzles has always been such a treat to one’s mind. Please visit Jingle’s blog by following this link:

The Rules of this award state that I should pass this on to people in my blogroll… 🙂 I am going to do so… I am going to pass this one to my blogging friends, and I hope that they enjoy this too… 🙂

1. Brian Miller

2. Beth Pierce

3. “Good-Doctor” Jon Freeland

4. Gargoyle

5. Lauren Michelle

6. Moonwalkerwiz

7. Poetry Perspectives

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