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Seasons (A Collection of Six Haikus)

February 17, 2010

I notice that a lot of people are fond of writing Haiku. I, on the other hand, write poems about love and, sometimes, society. I think I have written Some Haiku before, but I don’t know where those poems are. I decided to write a Haiku today, just for the fun of it. I came up with one poem, but I felt like one Haiku was not enough. If I can come up with a 20-line poem anytime, surely, a Haiku wouldn’t be so difficult, would it? I tried to write more, and I finally came up with six Haikus. Enjoy, friends! 🙂

Summer’s almost here.
Children are all out, playing,
Having fun each day.


Rainy days are gone.
The sun is shining brightly;
The sky is now clear.


When leaves are golden,
The air is almost frozen.
Autumn has begun.


I touch the cold ice
Falling from a cloudless sky,
This winter, so cold.


Flowers all blooming
So colorful, they all are
Everytime spring comes.


Let’s go to the beach
And roll in the fine white sand
Under the hot sun.

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