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January 23, 2010

I’ve spent the whole day singing my heart out. It wasn’t a very productive day, but I had fun. I’m so lucky to be one of those people who can afford to spend the rest of the day having fun. I’ve been trying to write a special article because I am planning to submit one for a magazine. I want to get published because they’re paying a good amount of money. Anyway. I hope I can come up with something that meets the magazine’s standards.

I also need to renew my subscription for that particular magazine because my previous sub already expired. I’ve been trying to find time, so I can go to a bank and make my payment. I realize just now that I have quite a few things that are important, and I have to find tie to do them. However, I just wasted one whole day doing nothing. Well, tthere’s always Monday anyway….. 🙂

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