A Marriage of Hearts

January 4, 2010

I will always be thankful that I am also loved by the man I love. Most people cry over broken hearts and unrequited love. Most people go through the painful phase of moving on. I am one of the lucky ones because I am not going through that.

I won’t say my life was perfect. I have had more than my share of heartbreaks. I can say that I have shed more tears than most people. But I am just so thankful that the time has come when all my heartaches have ended because I have finally found what I have been seraching for my whole life.

Everybody wants to fall in love. Everybody wants to be loved. In time, love happens to everybody. Sometimes, we are just too impatient. At other times, we are too possessive. Sometimes, too, we become too jaded to even believe in miracles and magic. Yet even when the world may become so bleak and hopeless, love always finds a way to triumph over the tears and the pain.

I am loved. For that alone, I will be thanking God every single day. After all the rain, my sunshine has come. I do not regret having to go through all the hardships because in the end, I found so much happiness. I would gladly go through the same hardships if it meant living through the same bliss in another lifetime.

I am married, not by the law, but by my heart. It means that while he and I may not be officially bound by law and church, we have found the person that we will spend our lives with. I will no longer scour the world over for that “one” person because he is already mine, and he will always be mine.

I know that there will still be hurt and pain in store, but I am stronger now because I have found my strength. I am strong as an individual, but I am stronger now because I have someone who can also be strong with me. He loves me, not in the way that I want, but in the way that I deserve.


  1. U so lucky, am opposite to U, suggest something so that I can came over that “River of TEARS and HEARTBROKEN”

  2. don’t feel so sad. i also went through so many heartaches before my boyfriend and i became mature enough to have the kind of attachment that we have right now. love always happen to everybody. i believe that. just think that if you don’t have that kind of love this time, it only means that something so much better will come your way… 🙂

  3. Very nice article !! Also great blog. I just subscribed. Also, thank you for visiting my blog as well.

  4. thanks, patriot61. 🙂 hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the blog. thanks for subscribing. 🙂

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