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January 2, 2010

Light up my life, and leave me;
Then maybe I wouldn’t miss you.
But it’s only you I need to see,
But maybe you don’t feel that way too.

Walk into my life, and hurt me.
I’ll know if it’s you I really love.
But maybe we aren’t meant to be.
Maybe you’re someone I can’t have.

Change my life, and break my heart.
Maybe lonely nights won’t make me cry.
Maybe I’d be used to us being apart.
But I know I wont; I don’t know why.

Come into my life, and break me,
Just so I’d know if I love you.
Maybe you’re not the one for me,
But maybe deep down you love me too.

Breathe into my life and disappear.
Maybe I wouldn’t look for you.
But I will because I need to have you near,
And because I just love you so true.

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