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It Might Have Been (reposted from my other blog)

December 20, 2009

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: “It might have been.”

–John Greenleaf Whittier

Not all love stories last. Some have bad endings. People often say that the hottest love has the coldest end. Sometimes, even the ones who areĀ in love the most are the ones who part ways.

I do not want my love story to end. I want it to go on and on, for as long as the world exists. As impossible as that sounds, I want this to happen. I think that the saddest thing that could happen to someone is not death. It’s the loss of love.

When lovers part ways, the most common question is always, “what if?” What if I did not give up? What if I had been more patient? What if I gave more? What if I had been faithful? What if we were still together? What if we never had to say goodbye?

What might have happened? What might have been? We ask these questions not because we regret what happened. We ask them because we got hurt. When loved more than we thought possible, and we just got hurt in the end.

When we stop asking questions, that’s when we’d know that we are already over someone. We are already over somebody when we stop questioning what happened. The moment the questions stop coming, then the feelings are no longer there. But because getting over someone is never easy, we always have questions.

The bottomline? The only answer to our “what if” questions is just this: It might have been happier….

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